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Add Gaussian noise to mesh or point cloud

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There is a function to generete 3d gaussian noise in mesh or point cloud??

Accepted Answer

Brian Hart
Brian Hart on 12 Apr 2019
You can generate normally-distributed random values with randn. For a point cloud for example, if you have 100 points with x, y, z values, you can create a noise array to add to the point array:
>> gaussNoise=randn(100,3);
>> scatter3(gaussNoise(:,1),gaussNoise(:,2),gaussNoise(:,3))
gaetano mallardo
gaetano mallardo on 13 Apr 2019
there is a way to oparate using mu and sigma?
gaetano mallardo
gaetano mallardo on 13 Apr 2019
Thank you Brian for your answer.
I have find this in the matlab documentation fo compleate my research.

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