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Coverage map with custom antenna

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Jozef Mindok
Jozef Mindok on 18 Apr 2019
Commented: matlab06 on 8 Apr 2022
I'm playing with Antenna Toolbox, specifically trying to do some coverage maps with functions txsite, show, coverage etc. and I cannot find anywhere if it's possible in defining txsite object to use my own antenna, for which I have a measured 360° radiation antenna pattern in format of Gain/Phi/Theta values (either in E/H 2D slices, or even 3D pattern). Do you have any experience with it, please?
tx = txsite('Name','MathWorks Apple Hill',...
'Latitude',42.3001, ...
'Longitude',-71.3504, ...
'Antenna',MyOwnAntenna, ...)

Answers (1)

Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 13 May 2019
The txsite and rxsite objects work with any antenna element or array objects from Antenna Toolbox or Phased Array System Toolbox. You can define a custom antenna using phased.CustomAntennaElement from Phased Array System Toolbox. An example that shows how to define a custom antenna for use with txsite is SINR Map for a 5G Urban Macro-Cell Test Environment.
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matlab06 on 8 Apr 2022
Hi Jacob, is it possible to load a custom antenna pattern with the SINR Map example without using the Antenna or Phased Array System toolboxes?

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