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Cross-correlation in Matlab

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huda ali
huda ali on 23 Apr 2019
Commented: huda ali on 23 Apr 2019
Hi,i have foure equation
,and i want to find cross-correlation between two different initial value for the same variable for example x0=1.528121243912454,x0=1.528121243912453 ,apply the function in matlab xcorr but the result i get it is wrong because i observe beak in zero
,how apply thats function and get result without peak?????? file in matlab down


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huda ali
huda ali on 23 Apr 2019
I am thankful for the answer. The authors did not publish the code , but just mentioned in the paper that the initial values were used as follows. I tried to get to the drawing that was obtained but to no avail. In addition, other papers showing the same drawing Exactly (i mentioned in the upper picture)
dpb on 23 Apr 2019
And, of course, which hardware/OS the code is run on can make such differences altho if multiple folks have shown the same result it probably is pointing to something actually in your implementation that doesn't duplicate what they're doing.
So, clearly your solution isn't matching the references, then... start looking there. I noticed you did specific implementation of the integration, you could begin by using the Matlab builtin Runge-Kutta method that is based on widely used library routines packaged and tweaked by TMW; some similar routine is probably what those researchers would at least give you a different solution path than the one you've taken...
Again, also, I didn't do any real looking at your code for possible coding/logic errors that might explain it, either.
huda ali
huda ali on 23 Apr 2019
Thank you so much

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