How to create Digtal I/O in Matlab 64-Bit ?

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I'm using the session based commands to control a NI DAQ device with Matlab 2011b 64-bit. Amongst other things I need to trigger some signal generators with a 5V rising edge. Heretofore I used the legacy interface's digital I/Os which can't be used anymore in the 64-bit version.
Which options do I have, if I don't want to go back to Matlab 32-bit?
Best regards Tobi

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Manisha on 24 Aug 2012
Edited: Manisha on 24 Aug 2012
Hi Tobi,
Support for non-clocked DIO has been added to the Session-based interface in MATLAB R2012b pre-release. If you have a valid license, you can install the prerelease here.
Hugo Malagon
Hugo Malagon on 18 Sep 2012
Hi Manisha and Tobi,
So, are you suggesting that the entire MATLAB R2011b 64-bit does not support digital ports of a NI DAQ ???... I mean, I am having the same problem... I want to use my Digital I/O ports, but I cannot on the session - based interface of the MATLAB R2011b 64-bit.
Is it impossible?? Do I have to either go back to a version with legacy interface or update or R2012b??

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