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What are the states in the 4-order state-space model?

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grega on 14 Aug 2012
Dear All
I do not quite understand the state-scpace model formation and would like to ask for some simple explanation.
Im trying to fit real data with a 4-order state-space model. Number of inputs and outputs are 14 and 3 respectively. Hence, nx=4; Nk=ones(14,1)
(1) Why the resulting model has 4 states, the same as the model order nx?
(2) I guess the x(k) must be 4x1 vector in this case. Hence it seems that the x(k) does not have physical meaning. I would like to make estimation myself, so what (values) shall I use for x(k) to initialize the model:
y(k) = Ax(k)+Du(k)
(3) Please, if possible, give some nice MIMO example or reference to it.
Thank you kindly!
grega on 17 Aug 2012
The exact problem is that I would like to reproduce the sim.m function as described in demo: Control of a MultiInput Single-Output plant (Step-by-step Simulation. The following code is based on the demo example, but I get strange results for our MIMO system. Any strange coding noticed?
Tstop=50; %Simulation time
x = MPCobj.Model.Nominal.X;
xmpc=mpcstate(MPCobj); % Initial state of the MPC controller
r= r(1,:); % Output reference trajectory
% ---- record
YY=[]; UU=[]; XX=[];
% --- simulation
for t=0:round(Tstop/Ts)-1,
% Define measured disturbance signal
v = data(t+1,iMD);
% Plant equations: output update (note: no feedthrough from MV to Y: D=0)
y=C*x+D(:,iMD)*v'; % I get pritty wierd results at this line
% Compute MPC law
% Plant equations: state update

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