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Can I GEFORCE GTX 960M for deeplearning

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Dear All,
When I check my NVIDIA control panel, it shows that my laptop has GEFORCE GTX 960M GPU, I am not sure I can use it during deep learning or not?
if yes, I only need to set the 'execution environment' to GPU in training option, right?or is there any other setting that I should do?
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 14 May 2019
Yes the Cuda 5.0 capacity is supported. Memory will be a bit tight for it. Install the latest Nvidia drivers.
Negar Noorizadeh
Negar Noorizadeh on 14 May 2019
Thanks for your response, for installing the latestes version should I use this link?
if yes, do you have any idea that what should I select for 'Windows Driver Type' (standard or DCH)and 'Download Type'(game ready driver or creator ready driver)?

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Accepted Answer

Shivam Sardana
Shivam Sardana on 22 May 2019
Considering CUDA and cuDNN installed. To access and get information about GPU, run the following command:
GPU, multi-GPU, and parallel options require Parallel Computing Toolbox. To use a GPU for deep learning, you must also have a CUDA® enabled NVIDIA® GPU with compute capability 3.0 or higher.
To use GPU for deep learning, set 'ExecutionEnvironment' in ‘trainingOptions’ as 'gpu'. By default, ‘trainingOptions’ take GPU by default.
Hope this helps.

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Prathamesh Degwekar
Prathamesh Degwekar on 21 May 2019
According to the current scenario, DCH is the way to go as seen in the article from intel here:
On the other question, you can go with either of the two. Their difference can be found here.


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