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how to test the data after trained in classification learner

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i have data in xlsx. file with 35 raws and 6 columns.. i already trained the data in classification learner and export the model to work space but i do not know how to test it with new data
any one can guiding me please ?
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shamsah alotibe
shamsah alotibe on 14 May 2019
i wrot this command in command window :
yfit = C.predictFcn(T)
where T a new data and C the model name but there are some errors that said :
Unable to use a value of type 'cell' as an index.
Error in mlearnapp.internal.model.DatasetSpecification>@(t)t(:,predictorNames) (line 163)
extractPredictorsFromTableFcn = @(t) t(:,predictorNames);
Error in
(line 164)
predictorExtractionFcn = @(x)
Error in
(line 167)
newExportableModel.predictFcn = @(x)

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Accepted Answer

Shivam Sardana
Shivam Sardana on 22 May 2019
The error message in your comment indicates that something is trying to be indexed using a cell array as a subscript, which is a valid indexing method for tables but not an indexing method for a double array.
I may not know about your test dataset. There is a similar question which may be of relevance to you:
anita jasmine
anita jasmine on 28 Oct 2020
To test the model,MD Predictedlabels=predict(MD,testfeaturesmatrix) Accuracy=mean (Predictedlabels==testlabels)

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More Answers (2)

Fatma HM
Fatma HM on 18 Dec 2020
Hi @Shivam Sardana I need to estimate the test data I have trained, with (ANN,NARX and Ridge regression). Do you have any idea?

Arnab Banerjee
Arnab Banerjee on 14 Jan 2021
Edited: Arnab Banerjee on 11 Mar 2021
@shamsah alotibe kindly check one weather your TestData heading are same as TrainingData or not.. if same then hopefully you will not get this error message, because i have just now resolved this issue, by keeping the coloum name same.

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