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Plot Simulink scope in App designer

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I have built an app which interacts with a simulink model, set the block values and runs it. Now in the app I want to include the graph plotted from scope and I need to show a specific value at the output in the app. How to do this?

Accepted Answer

Shivam Sardana
Shivam Sardana on 30 May 2019
Log the simulation data from Scope block into MATLAB Workspace and then use it in your app. You can refer to the documentation link of Common Scope Block Tasks for logging the data:
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saleh said bouhliga
saleh said bouhliga on 16 Oct 2020
Solution to your question see here

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Jasmine Poppick
Jasmine Poppick on 26 Apr 2024
Starting in R2024a, you can use App Designer to interactively create an app for a Simulink model, which includes the capability to easily and performantly visualize signal data in the app using the new time scope UI component.
In addition, you can:
  • Add UI components configured specifically to interact with your model, such as a simulation start/stop control and a simulation progress bar.
  • Tune model variables from the app while the simulation runs by connecting UI components to variables.
For more information, see Create App for Simulink Model.

Kilsu Kim
Kilsu Kim on 11 May 2023


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