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Generate searchable documentation for MATLAB Packages(Namespaces) and Classes

Asked by ILoveMATLAB on 20 May 2019
Latest activity Edited by ILoveMATLAB on 21 May 2019
Is there a way to generate searchable static documentation for several packages (namespaces) created in MATLAB? I have about 10 packages that contain several classes and function. Therefore, the procedure needs to work for classes.
Follow Up Question.
If static documentation cannot be generated, how can I use builddocsearchdb? According to the documentation, I need to create my own html files. I tried using publish to generate html documentation for each class I created; however, publish does not produce the expected result.
I have considered other options; however, those options will not work for me.
  • sphinxcontrib-matlabdomain
Requires me and anyone who maintains my program to learn python
My company blocks users from installing packages via conda and pip.
  • M2HTML
not searchable
Per r Rik's request here are several examples of searchable documentation:

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It is not clear to me what exactly is your question. Could you explain it a bit more?

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1 Answer

Answer by Sean de Wolski
on 20 May 2019

I've always exported the html from the autogenerated doc page:
doc mypack.myclass
Or written a Live Script that documents the class, provides examples, etc. and then exported this to html to be incorporated with builddocsearchdb. The second method is generally my preferred method.

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How do I save/export the auto-generated doc page to HTML? I do not see an option in 2018b.
Is there a method that automatically generates html documentation for all files in a given directory?Please note that all of my classes are documented using the doc format.
Your second option does not scale well for large projects. I don't have time to document every class/function twice. Nevertheless, this option would be useful for adding tutorials to my documentation.

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