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how to save value from display block in simulink?

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I want to save value from display block, how do i get it?. Indeed the value in the display block cannot be saved. But is there another way to store values from a block?. if you use a workspace the solution is not what I'm looking for. because the value I want is different from the value generated by the workspace. The value I want is the same value as in the display block. the value generated by workspace is 10336x2048, while the value generated by the display block is 2048.
this is values from display block that i want save.
whereas this is the value generated by the workspace (this is different):WORKSPACE.JPG

Accepted Answer

ES on 27 May 2019
workspace logs data in all simulation cycles, whereas the display block displays the only the current simulation data.
If you want the last simulation data (basically what is displayed in the display block after the simulation ends), you can look for the last row of the workspace data X(10336,:)

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