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Debugging code deployed using Matlab Coder on raspberry pi

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John Anderson
John Anderson on 13 Jun 2019
I am experimenting with the Matlab support package for Raspberry pi and the Matlab Coder for deploying standalone Matlab functionality on the raspberry pi. I have worked through the first example compiling the blinkLED function and have deployed this to the pi successfully. However, I am slightly confused about the part of the tutorial that involves checking code for unsupported calls. What is the procedure for this? I notice that if I leave in the ‘pause’ command, the function compiles and deploys without any problem but does not run on the hardware. There is no information in the log file on the pi to suggest a problem, i.e. the log reports starting and stopping the application but the application fails to execute. My concern is that there is no stage at which I could identify this as being an issue other that by hand checking the code prior to deployment using the list of ‘Functions and Objects Supported for c/c++ Code Generation’. Is this the only procedure for ensuring that a function deploys successfully or am I missing a more detailed debugging procedure? I have tried using the Matlab Command ‘coder.screener('blinkLED')’ but this flags issues with the raspi command and misses the problem with the pause command which is obviously hardware specific.

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