Getting error using Linear Discriminant Analysis(LDA) in MATLAB.

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I am trying to classify training and testing data using LDA classify in MATLAB R2018b and getting error.
Error : Error using classify
TRAINING must have more observations than the number of groups.
I have following matrics for training and testing.
feature_training= 1440 x 9
class_training= 1440 x 1
feature_testing= 1152 x 9
class_testing= 1152 x 1
Note: I already have more Training Elements than Testing Elements.
= ldaclassify(feature_training,feature_testing,class_training,class_testing);
Where ldaclassify, is below function.
function [TrainErr,TestErr,TrainPredict,TestPredict] = ldaclassify(TrainData,TestData,TrainClass,TestClass)
TrainPredict = classify(TrainData,TrainData,TrainClass);
TestPredict = classify(TestData,TrainData,TrainClass);
TrainErr = sum(TrainPredict ~= TrainClass)/length(TrainClass)*100;
TestErr = sum(TestPredict ~= TestClass)/length(TestClass)*100;

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