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Log to .daq with session based API

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Birger on 30 Aug 2012
I am trying to upgrade a measurement system from an old PCI ni-card to a new cDAQ-9171. The old card worked with the legacy interface (analoginput), but the new hardware requires the new session-based interface. The data analysing is done on a separate computer using daqread to import the measured data into matlab, and I don't want to rewrite this part of the system.
My question is then: How do I log data to a .daq file from the session-based interface?
- Birger

Answers (1)

Manisha on 5 Sep 2012
Hi Birger,
The Session-Based Interface currently does not support logging data to a .daq file. However, you can add a callback to the 'DataAvailable' listener and use it to save your data to a MAT-file or any other type of file.
You can look at the following example for more information. This shows you how to save data to .bin file.
Hope that helps, Manisha


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