Errors with "Denoise Speech Using Deep Learning Networks" Example

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I was trying out the Denoise Speech Using Deep Learning Networks example without any modifications and I'm getting the following error:
Error using tall/gather (line 50)
An undefined function error was thrown on the workers for
'HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures'. The file containing
'HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures' might not be available on the workers. Specify the
required files for this parallel pool using the command: addAttachedFiles(pool, ...). See the
documentation for parpool for more details.
Learn more about errors encountered during GATHER.
Error in DenoisingNN (line 240)
[targets,predictors] = gather(targets,predictors);
Caused by:
Error using tall/cellfun (line 19)
Undefined function 'HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures' for input arguments of type
I've ran this code sucessfully before but now I get this error everytime I run it. I've been looking at the referenced documentation but I was wondering if there's an easier way to fix this error? Thank you in advance.

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Sherly Arunodhayamary
Sherly Arunodhayamary on 10 Oct 2019
This is because you are missing the matlab files in the current folder. 'HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures' file need to placed in your working folder or your program have to be saved in the main matlab folder containing examples for denoising.

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HONG CHENG on 18 Apr 2023
I read the commets and find that one solution is “Just go through the call function in your program and check for all the files present in the call function. you might be missing some required files on your program folder. update and relax. u will get it. ”
So I tried that add the HelperGenerateSpeechDenoisingFeatures and the folder of it to the path, but it didn't work. Is there any idea?


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