How to set proper maxsamp value in Dynamic Time Warping (DTW)?

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I'd like to perform a time-warping of my signals (trajectory information during a movement analysis). The signals correspond to the same movement (they are the trials of the same movement) but they are out-of-phase, in other words, the "events" of the movement occurred at slightly different instances due to subject's movement (the same subject but moved in different speeds). However, when I try to time-warp them to each other I get a result like this:
As you can see, the original signals are somewhat close to each other. The differences caused by patient's different movement velocity and also slight variations of trajectories within trials. When I tried to use dtw without any maxsamp value as in the graph (left it as default aka Inf), the results don't seem very good- especially the saturations at the peaks. Therefore, I probably need to set a proper maxsamp constraint but that time I am loosing from the quality of the alignment.
My question is how do I set a proper maxsamp value to constrain the algorithm in order it to not deviate too much from the diagonal line? Or are they any other techniques that I can follow to align my signals best as possible?
P.S.: If you are kind enough maybe you can answer also my another question on the use of DTW, here in the link.

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