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The RF propagation toolbox has SINR function that is used to calculate and display an SINR map, I just want the SINR values and don't want it to be displayed

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%The above mentioned function calculates and the displays SINR values for a transmitter site "txs". I want to acquire the SINR values.

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Jacob Halbrooks
Jacob Halbrooks on 13 Aug 2019
Edited: Jacob Halbrooks on 3 Apr 2020
UPDATE: As of R2020a, the sinr function now supports returning output values when provided transmitter site inputs:
When passed transmitter sites, the sinr function performs visualization only and does not support an output argument. However in R2019a a new syntax was added to sinr that supports output values calculated at specified receiver sites:
r = sinr(rxs,txs,___) returns the sinr computed at the receiver sites due to the transmitter sites.
In order to get the SINR values corresponding to the visualization, you could create an array of receiver sites and pass them as the first input. As an example of creating a grid of sites, see the Planning Radar Network Coverage over Terrain example where meshgrid is used to generate a grid of latitude/longitude coordinates.

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