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2D MUSIC algorithm for range-azimuth FMCW data processing

Asked by Shirleyuue Jiang on 22 Aug 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Shirleyuue Jiang on 26 Aug 2019 at 1:58
Hi, I want to draw a map of range-azimuth. I can achieve 1D music, but there is some problem with 2D music for range-azimuth.
%X_ is the signal.
J = fliplr(eye(m1*m2,m1*m2));
Cx_ = 1/(2*p1*p2)*(X_*X_' + J*(X_*X_')*J);
[EV,D] = eig(Cx_); %D for eigenvalues and EV for eigenvector
EVA_temp = diag(D)';
[EVA,I] = sort(EVA_temp);
Sort_EV = fliplr(EV(:,I)); %eig
% W_ = Sort_EV(:,K+1:end); %(m1*m2)*(m1*m2-K)
W_ = Sort_EV(:,4:end);
for r = 1:length(VecR)
for theta = 1:length(VecA)
a_1 = [];
for mm1 = 0:m1-1
tao_i(mm1+1) = 2/c*( VecR(r) + mm1*d*sin(VecA(theta)) );
aa = exp(1i*2*pi*tao_i(mm1+1)*(linspace(fc,fc+alpha*(m2-1)/fs,m2) ) ); %0-
a_1 = cat(2,a_1,aa);
a = a_1.';
Smusic(r,theta) = 1/(a'*W_*W_'*a);
S_ = Smusic/(max(max(Smusic)));
% figure,imagesc(abs(Smusic));


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1 Answer

Answer by Shirleyuue Jiang on 22 Aug 2019

The algorithm procedure is pretty simple (see "Belfiori F., Application of 2D MUSIC Algorithm to Range-Azimuth FMCW Radar data" or " Manokhin G., MUSIC-based algorithm for range-azimuth FMCW radar data processing without estimating number of targets"). Is there any problem with "aa"?


You can add my QQ if you want to discuss 81214332
OK, I have already addd your QQ.Thank you for your kindness.

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