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Convert log scale to linear scale

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NS on 11 Sep 2012
Hi all,
I made a figure whose Y axis I converted to log scale using the command set(gca,'yscale','log'). I want to convert the Figure back to linear scale. Is it possible to do it on MATLAB.
Thanks. NS


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Accepted Answer

Azzi Abdelmalek
Azzi Abdelmalek on 11 Sep 2012


Matt Fig
Matt Fig on 11 Sep 2012
NS, whenever you are in doubt, try this:
set(gca,'yscale') % Shows you the options!
(P.S., how did you learn to use SET to change to log without also learning to use set to change to linear??)
NS on 11 Sep 2012
Thanks Azzi and Matt.
@Matt..I looked up changing scale to log on the MATLAB Answers forum. I found the syntax. Didnt bother looking into the specifics. :)
Thanks again

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