How to conduct statistical tests on large data?

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Hi Everyone!
I have two result-files from some experiments. Results have generated by using technique A and B. Each technique has been applied on three group of people and each group is consist of 10 persons.
I want to check
whether technique A is better or B?
Among all three groups which group is better?
Among two types, Which type is better?
I have studies ANOVA, Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test, Freidman's Test but I am UNABLE to understand how to stack my data so that I can apply statistical tests. ALSO, which test is best suitable for the data.
Attached is the result files.
Hassan Ashraf
Hassan Ashraf on 17 Sep 2019
I have gone through the recommended website and found that two-way anova with replication is best for my data. Can you please help me to stack data such that it can be used to input for ANOVA

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