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Err0r within code

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Yussif M. Awelisah
Yussif M. Awelisah on 21 Sep 2019
Please Im facing this errors in my code. Please any help will be appreciated.
Error in tvf_emd>extendsignal (line 343)
endInds = FastCrossing(y,y(nPoints));% find points index has the same level
Error in tvf_emd (line 49)
y=extendsignal(y,num_padding); % padding to deal with boundary effect (match slope)
Please the code and the data is attached.

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 22 Sep 2019
Your code for your function extendsignal() is clearly written for the case where the input is a row vector, but you are passing in a 500 x 231 array instead. Even if you do not run into problems with array size mismatches, it will obviously not produce the correct answer for the case where each row or each column of the 2D matrix is to be considered independently.
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Yussif M. Awelisah
Yussif M. Awelisah on 22 Sep 2019
how can this be solved.

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