How to do a baseline correction

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Faezeh Manesh
Faezeh Manesh on 25 Sep 2019
Commented: Hassan Nawazish on 29 Jun 2020
Hello everyone,
I have an experimental data as shown in the figure, I need to do a baseline correction, in a way that the black line that I drew in the picture becomes horizental. Can any of you help me to do it in MATLAB?DSCdata1.png
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David Hill
David Hill on 25 Sep 2019
Looks like you know how exactly how the baseline needs to be adjusted. Just subtract the linear adjustment from your power array.

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Accepted Answer

Rik on 25 Sep 2019
You mean like a simple subtraction?
bias=@(t) t/9;
P_fun=@(t) 0.1*(t-3).^2+sin(t/2)-0.85 +bias(t);
%subtract bias
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Hassan Nawazish
Hassan Nawazish on 29 Jun 2020
try this after plot command for your plot here ta is xaxis variable and you will get a horizontal baseline.'r' is representing the color.

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