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Marker edge thickness changes when saved

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bryan flood
bryan flood on 27 Sep 2019
Commented: Ankit on 7 Oct 2019
I am able to change the thickness of my open 'o' markers in my scatter plot. However, when I save the image using print (so I can set the resolution), the marker thickness changes and comes out very thin. When I save through the file>save as menu, it remains thick, but then I can't save in high enough resolution. Any idea on how to work around this issue?
Code I'm using in the figure:
model_RMSD_scat = scatter(x(id_xy(:, 1), 1), y(id_xy(:, 1), 1), 200, BT_RMSD_model_mean(:, 1), 'LineWidth', 5);
-'LineWidth' sets the thickness of the open circle (default symbol).
Code to save figure:
print([fig_dir fig_name], '-dtiff', '-r600');
bryan flood
bryan flood on 1 Oct 2019
hgsave only seems to save it as a *.fig file. When I use a different format extension, it will take the extension, but doesn't change the file format, so it still can't be read by image-viewing software (paint, windows photo viewer etc.
Ankit on 7 Oct 2019
have you checked this FEX:

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Answers (1)

Jyotsna Talluri
Jyotsna Talluri on 1 Oct 2019
As the resolution changes, size of figure changes due to which the marker size changes. There is a bug in it and it is fixed in R2019b release . So upgrade your version of MATLAB to latest release
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bryan flood
bryan flood on 1 Oct 2019
I updated my version to 2019b, but it did not resolve the issue.

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