Transfer function from measured input signal and output signal

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Dear Matlab and Simulink user,
Is there any way with parameter estimation toolbox or any another method to generate transfer function from multiple inputs and multiple outputs Signals?
Ill ch
Ill ch on 28 Sep 2019
one small query if you can help me:
if i have in output signal (data1 as a time, data 2 with value) and in input signal ( data 1 just value) how i can use this ? should i need to use in bothe same time vector or sampling time is enough instead of time vector? Thank you in advance
sys = tfest(data,np,nz) ; % data from iddata(y,u,Ts)

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Accepted Answer

Star Strider
Star Strider on 28 Sep 2019
The sampling interval ‘Ts’ is enough. Note that all your data must be sampled all with the same sampling interval. If they are not, you need to interpolate them to the same sampling interval with the resample function first.
I usually calculate the sampling interval as:
Ts = mean(diff(time));
For iddata, the output signal ‘data2’ is ‘y’, the input signal ‘data1’ is ‘u’, and ‘Ts’ is as I described it.

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