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how to loop through a matrix one by one through an entire data and save results

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Yussif M. Awelisah
Yussif M. Awelisah on 8 Oct 2019
Edited: Stephen Cobeldick on 9 Oct 2019
I am working with the attached code and data but a single matrix works perfectly but refuses to work on my total matrix data of 231 samples.
Each matrix has a size 1 x 500 and the total matrix data has size 231 x 500.
How can I run this data (231 x 500) in my code without errors like( Horzcat or index matrix exceeds dimensions).
Attached is the one matrix data and the total matrix data.
I will be more than grateful for your support.
Yussif M. Awelisah
Yussif M. Awelisah on 9 Oct 2019
I am grateful for your time and concern.
The ideas you gave was considered and applied. The error of ''Index exceeds matrix dimensions occured'' after I looped through and used the logical indexing. I dont know if something is still wrong.
I dont know if my requirement is clear enough. I understand the matrix mismatch is what is causing the error and I want a way I can run the 231 x 500 matrix data using the data attached. The single matrix data works.
I hope you can run both data and understand the error clearer.

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