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extract group delay form FDATool programmatically

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Can you tell me how to extract a filter's group delay from FDATool, in simulink, programmatically so I can apply it to a separate Delay block as a parameter? The goal here is to match a delay between two paths (one having a filter in line), so I can compare the outputs precisely in the time domain (with a cope block for example).

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Shubh Sahu
Shubh Sahu on 11 Oct 2019
The Filter Design and Analysis Tool (FDATool) has been renamed to Filter Designer. And Group Delay can be calculated by fvtool. For more information please refer these links

stephen williams
stephen williams on 14 Oct 2019
Thanks for the response. I guess I am missing something. What I need is a single number, at a frequency I guess if delay is not constant, and I don't care about the graph. I have to use version 2016a, because of a third party tool limitation, but both fvtool and grpdelay work in that version. In theory I could get the fitler coefficients from FDATool in a simulink mask, and create a filter object and provide it to grpdelay, but I don't want the graph to pop up. Any ideas?

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