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li chen

generate c code for wdenoise funciton

Asked by li chen
on 22 Oct 2019
Latest activity Answered by li chen
on 22 Oct 2019
I'm using wdenoise to denoise the signal. However, when I need to generate the function into c code by matlab coder, I see the denoise doesn't have this capability. I see the wden function can do the similar job with c/c++ code generation capability. In matlab help document, it said "wden is no longer recommended. Use wdenoise instead." So Is it OK for me to use wden instead of wdenoise?

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Which denoising algorithm are you using for wdenoise ?

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1 Answer

Answer by li chen
on 22 Oct 2019

I'm trying to smooth out the gyro and acceleration data, the code snippet is like below:
Data_out = wdenoise(Data_In, 4,...
'Wavelet', 'db20',...
'DenoisingMethod', 'Minimax', ...
'ThresholdRule', 'Soft',...
'NoiseEstimate', 'LevelIndependent');


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