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using Gauss-Seidel Method to solve this problem

Asked by YUTIAN YU on 30 Oct 2019
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on 30 Oct 2019
Figure below shows the one-line diagram of a simple three-bus power system with
generation at bus 1. The magnitude of voltage at bus 1 is adjusted to 1.05 per unit.
The scheduled loads at buses 2 and 3 are as marked on the diagram. Line impedances
are marked in per unit on a 100 MVA base and the line charging susceptances are
◼ Solve the power flow of the above figure using Gauss-Seidel Method in Matlab by
developing M-file code.
◼ Analyse the power flow if there is a wind farm con taining eight Siemens SG 2.1-114 wind
turbines connected at bus 2 to supply renewable energy to the system. It is assumed that
the average wind speed is 12m/s at hub height for the site. The technical specifications of
the Siemens SG 2.1-114 model is in the picture.1572413269(1).png

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