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Arduino MKRMotorCarrier library failure

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Dear friends,
I know this topic has been discussed previously and I really tried every suggestion but nothing seems to work for me.
When I run a = arduino I get the bellow answer:
Updating server code on board MKR1000 (/dev/ttyACM0). This may take a few minutes.
On the second attempt, a = arduino I get the bellow answer:
arduino with properties:
Port: '/dev/ttyACM0'
Board: 'MKR1000'
AvailablePins: {'D0-D14', 'A0-A6'}
AvailableDigitalPins: {'D0-D14', 'A0-A6'}
AvailablePWMPins: {'D0-D8', 'D10', 'A3-A4'}
AvailableAnalogPins: {'A0-A6'}
AvailableI2CBusIDs: [0]
Libraries: {'I2C', 'SPI', 'Servo'}
When I ran carrier = addon(a, 'Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier')
It returned:
No add-on library uploaded to the board. Clear and recreate the current arduino object to include the
appropriate library. For a list of available libraries, type 'listArduinoLibraries'.
After that, when I run listArduinoLibraries it shows me the Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier included in the list as bellow:
ans =
8×1 cell array
{'Adafruit/MotorShieldV2' }
{'I2C' }
{'RotaryEncoder' }
{'SPI' }
{'Servo' }
{'ShiftRegister' }
{'Ultrasonic' }
Note: I only marked Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier and RotaryEncoder (I don't know why Adafruit/MotorShieldV2 appears in the list)
After that I did the following:
I downloaded the latest version of MKRMotorCarrier library (1.0.5) - i followed again the steps in which I move the folder in Arduino / libraries, as instructed in tutorial.
I ran arduinosetup again the this time it told me that the libraries have been added and that if I want to use my Arduino with the current settings to use a = arduino
I figured out that I have installed the wrong Arduino Engineering Kit (18b and I run matlab 19a); after that i tried to install 19a support kit, but when i run arduinosetup it won't show me the MKRMotorCarrier library to be checked and more than that when I press 'Program' in the wizzard it shows in the command window:
Warning: Inputs must be character vectors, cell arrays of character vectors, or string arrays.
> In arduinoio.internal.Utility/generateAddonLibrariesHeader (line 338)
In arduinoio.internal.Utility/updateServer (line 53)
In arduinoio.setup.internal.HardwareInterface/uploadArduinoServer (line 188)
In arduinoio.setup.internal.UpdateServerScreen/uploadServer (line 281)
In arduinoio.setup.internal.UpdateServerScreen>@(varargin)obj.uploadServer(varargin{:}) (line 181)
In matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.executeWidgetCallback (line 15)
In matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.Widget/safeCallbackInvoke (line 114)
In matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.hg.Button/buttonPushedCbk (line 43)
In matlab.hwmgr.internal.hwsetup.hg.Button>@(varargin)obj.buttonPushedCbk(varargin{:}) (line 24)
More than that, when I restart Matlab, the 19a kit gets automatically uninstalled.
It won't appear in Manage Add-ons, but if I search it manually in MATLAB Add-ons folder, it is there and it also contains MKRMotorCarrier libraries.
My OS is Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS
I have a standard license and the license from Arduino:
MATLAB Version: (R2019a) Update 3
MATLAB License Number: STUDENT
Operating System: Linux 4.4.0-166-generic #195-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 1 09:35:25 UTC 2019 x86_64
Java Version: Java 1.8.0_181-b13 with Oracle Corporation Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM mixed mode
Could you please be so kind and help me in this issue?
Best regards,

Answers (2)

Madhu Govindarajan
Madhu Govindarajan on 6 Nov 2019
Please perform a clean reinstall of everything except MATLAB and see what happens. Here are the steps to take for a clean reinstall of everything:
  • If you type arduinoio.PackageRoot on MATLAB Command Window, this will tell you the Arduino Support Package root location.
Example – C:\ProgramData\MATLAB\SupportPackages\R2018b\3P.instrset\arduinoide.instrset\idepkgs
In here, Note the location till R2018b or R2018a depending on what version of MATLAB you have.
  • The location where add-ons are installed can be found by clicking on Preferences icon in MATLAB toolstrip and then go to MATLAB > Add-Ons here. Note the location.
  • After this go ahead and uninstall the support packages and the add-on toolboxes.
  • Next go to these locations outside of MATLAB and ensure no more files are left, and feel free to delete any left over.
  • Then close MATLAB and reopen it as administrator by launching it from a terminal window with sudo permissions.
  • Next attempt to install the necessary and appropriate hardware support packages. Do not close any terminal windows that pop up during this process and let them complete.
  • Note: Do not manually edit any Arduino libraries after this step as only certain versions of each library is tested with MATLAB and Simulink.
  • Next install the needed add-on toolboxes and follow instructions on the toolbox itself.
  • Now attempt to communicate with arduino using arduinosetup
This should work. If not, please reach out to TS to get their assistance with installation.
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jose daniel cardenas henao
Excelente solucion, iniciando el setup de arduino es facil incluir las librerias en nuestro microcontrolador, solamente no hay que poner algo como esto a=arduino ('COM3','Uno','Libraries','I2C'); por que solamente quedara instalada la libreria "I2C".
Saludos desde colombia y gracias.

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Marius Ionita
Marius Ionita on 7 Nov 2019
Dear Madhu,
Thank you very much for the detailed answer!
What I did was to create the arduino object by modifying the syntax:
a = arduino ('port', 'board type', 'Libraries','Arduino/MKRMotorCarrier and other libraries I needed included').
After creating the object like that it worked perfectly.
Best regards,
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Ross Wilkinson
Ross Wilkinson on 5 Aug 2020
Hi Marius,
Thank you for sharing this soluton! It worked for me too.

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