find a function that approximates a given set of data imposing conditions

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Alessandraro on 24 Nov 2019
Answered: Alex Sha on 25 Nov 2019
I am dealing with this issue. I have a data set of points (x,y); I have to fit a function to my data, but I don't have an idea of the family of functions to use. I do know it must be a monotonous and growing function and I must impose these conditions:
  • f(0) = 0;
  • f(Inf)=1;
  • f'(0)=1;
  • f'(Inf)=0
An example could be the function 'f(x)= 1 - exp(-x)', but unfortunately it doesn't fit to my data properly.
Is there a tool in Matlab to find a function to approximate my data imposing the previous conditions?

Answers (1)

Alex Sha
Alex Sha on 25 Nov 2019
If possible, attach your data please.




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