How to plot Gantt Chart for job shop scheduling?

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Does anyone know, how to plot Gantt Chart for Job shop scheduling using barh function in Matlab. Please help me to figure out a way to solve this or give some guidance for the same. Thanks in advance.

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Stijn Haenen
Stijn Haenen on 4 Dec 2019
Do you mean something like this:
for i=1:Number_of_tasks
hold on
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Pandiyaraj Gnanasekar
Pandiyaraj Gnanasekar on 6 Dec 2019
Hello Mr. Stijn Haenen,
Your answer is a kind of thing, I am searching for. But in my case I have to schedule n number of jobs in m number of machines and each Job should be plotted properly based on the input.
for example if I have a 3 jobs J1, J2, J3 which will have processing time as follows,
[J1,J2,J3] = [7,8,10; 6,4,12; 8,8,7] respectively. each job should be machined in each machiens of M1,M2,M3 based on some criteria or conditions. with those conditions we can obtain start time nd end time of each job on each machines. Then we have to plot those data in to graph which should be a Gantt Chart. I don't know whether I explained it correctly or not. Please bear my explanation. Thank you.

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Alexis Wang
Alexis Wang on 30 Aug 2022
It uses patch instead of barh though, and draws each bar for every task. However, the user just needs to pass in tasks and other time data to plot a Gantt chart (details in the link above). Feel free to let me know if you have any questions. Hope that helps!


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