Image Labeler does not export previously saved data.

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I am using MATLAB version 2019b. The issue is that the Image labeler session when saved does not save/store the label data correctly. When the saved session is re-opened, the label data loads as annotations/boxes on the images but when exported label data is empty. However, data for any changes/edits made to the images within the current session gets exported fine.
Here is another interesting find: All data is exported correctly from a re-opened session when there are no attributes present. The above issue happens only when attributes are associated to the labels.
Is this a bug with the 2019 beta version and being looked into?
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Pratik kulkarni
Pratik kulkarni on 10 Dec 2019
Facing the same issue.
If reopening the session loads my bounding boxes, the labels are stored somewhere. How do I get those labels?
Also, i dont wish to edit all the labels and then export labels in the same session as the number of images are large

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Roshni Garnayak
Roshni Garnayak on 13 Dec 2019
This issue has been resolved in MATLAB R2020a.
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Juan Zambrano
Juan Zambrano on 10 Nov 2021
No... I am using R2021b and I can ASSURE YOU the problem still exists. How can I get my data back? Bounding box is there. Where is the background and pixel data? Everything worked fine all the way to the end. I even saved session, gtruth, and pixel label data as seperate number files to avoid complete loss of data as I have been through this numerous times already. Even the old files will not open with the data where they had been working fine all along. Now all of a sudden it is asking for a place to store temporary data. It never asked for a place to store temporary data before. I didn't move the files. I didn't rename the files. All I did was try to upload the files to drop box. I even saved a backup of the complete work to a USB drive and that won't even work now. We are talking about hundreds of hours of work lost just at the point of submittal.

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Nithin on 10 Jan 2023
Every time you save the section the images are updated in '.imageLabelingSession_SessionDat' folder which is a hidden folder you can check it.

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