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I can't find a User-defined model I checked into the MBC toolbox via the "Fit Model" GUI

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I've followed the MBC toolbox's "Model Browser User's Guide" on how to create my own user-defined model, and after checking in the example model "Weibul" (I got the "Model successfully registered for Model-Based Calibration Toolbox software" message), I tried opening using it for fitting my data, but didn't it or an option for choosing User-defined models.
All I see when trying to "Edit model...", "Add model..." or "Create alternatives..." are the usual models:
  • Linear models
  • GPM
  • RBF
  • Hybrid RBF
  • Multiple linear models
  • Neural Network
  • Interpolating RBF
  • Transient models
Is there something I missed? Do I need to enable User-defined models somehow, and if so, how?

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Ian Noell
Ian Noell on 21 Apr 2020
Apologies, i have just seen this question.
The growth model examples in MBC are handled differently. They are available as a separate model type for local models but not global (one-stage) models.
Please let me know if you want the growth models for one-stage models and I will create an enhancement request.




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