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How to close the signalAnalyzer app from the command line?

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I am using the following syntax in the code that I am using
signalAnalyzer(signal1, signal2, 'SampleRate', fs, 'StartTime', 0)
When I restart (or rerun) the code, everytime I have to close the signalAnalyzer app. manually, otherwise this does not close by itself.
The code starts with the following syntax:
close all;clear;clc
I have already tried using
close all force
but nothing was successful.
Even in the document, nothing was written about closing the signalAnalyzer app.

Accepted Answer

Devineni Aslesha
Devineni Aslesha on 14 Jan 2020
As of now, closing the signal analyzer app from the command window is not supported for the available MATLAB releases. However, the concerned parties may be looking into it and might be added in the future.
Wes Baldwin
Wes Baldwin on 8 Jun 2020
I believe this is also an issue with the "Deep Learning Network Analyzer". I have not found a was to close this app from the command line.
Arman Ahmadian
Arman Ahmadian on 2 Sep 2021
Edited: Arman Ahmadian on 2 Sep 2021
Yes. Sadly, "Deep Learning Network Analyzer" cannot be closed from the command line wich makes using it difficult. The screen pops up with analyzer figures which cannot be closed except for manually closing them one by one.
How come all figures in matlab output a handle using which they can be closed but not these analyzers? This is a serious glitch.

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More Answers (1)

cdarling on 25 Jun 2023
As I've tried between R2022b to R2023b, it is possible using command
to close the Signal Analyzer App.
Remember this is not a documented nor official supported feature, and may change at any time.




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