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Connect objects binary image

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Mithushan Soundaranathan
Mithushan Soundaranathan on 4 Feb 2020
Commented: Jonne de Bijl on 29 Apr 2021
I have this binary image with 4 objects, and want to connect this 4 object into one object/blob (see image, with the approximate connection points marked with red).
I have tried: imclose, bwmorph(BW,'bridge'), bwmorph(BW,'endpoints'), imdilate, imerode and imfill.
Do you have solution for that, I have been struggling for weeks. BW_img_marked.jpg

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Subhadeep Koley
Subhadeep Koley on 4 Feb 2020
Hi, try the code below and see if it gives the expected output. (Download the attached image)
a = rgb2gray(imread('BW_img_marked.jpeg'));
b = imbinarize(a);
se = strel('disk', 12, 4); % Structuring element for dilation
c = imdilate(b, se); % Dilating the image
d = imfill(c,'holes'); % Filling the holes
Jonne de Bijl
Jonne de Bijl on 29 Apr 2021
Nice how did you do this? could you share the code

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