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How can i count how many times does a temperature goes through in a loop

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Angel Sanchez
Angel Sanchez on 12 Feb 2020
Commented: Angel Sanchez on 12 Feb 2020
For example if I have an array of temperatures called temps=[30, 45, 60, 15, 70, 25], and i want to figure out how many temepartures are below 32 and save that number how would i do that. For sure i would need to get 2 because there only 2 temeparatures that are below 32. Would i need to use a while loop.

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Akhila Bonagiri
Akhila Bonagiri on 12 Feb 2020
The below code would work for you. Here we find the indices of the temperature values which are less than 32 and count them. Which would give your required answer.
>> Num = numel(find(temps<32));

fred  ssemwogerere
fred ssemwogerere on 12 Feb 2020
A for loop may not be necessary. you could use lt
temps=[30, 45, 60, 15, 70, 25];
val32=temps(lt(temps,32)); % this will return an array of temperatures less than "32".
% To know the number of tempaeratures less than "32", you could use the line of code below which counts the number of "true"(1) observations


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