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input is not supported for code generation

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giovanni bonciani
giovanni bonciani on 17 Feb 2020
Hello everyone, i have a problem using input function into Matlab Coder. In detail, in the original script i have:
number=input('Enter a number: ');
but MatlabCoder gives me this error: "input is not supported for code generation".
so, there is any kind of alternative to input function supported by code generation (to details see;jsessionid=24e6cec76fe03a9d6639c278fc5a) ?
i think about to use a inputless and outputless function like this (because code generation can translate only functions):
function NUMBERS()
but i want to mantain an input type like input function (display a string with an istruction and insert a value).
Can anyone help me, please?
Thank you very much


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