How can I create a 3D plot of data with dots of different color?

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Hello everyone,
I have to create a 3D visualization of some data that I have. I have 2 vectors that represent mean and standard deviation of my data. I have to plot them in a 3d graph in which each point of the graph contains a pair of (mean,sd) value, and for each pair I have to draw a cloured point. The colour depends on the values of the mean (ex: red=high value, blu=low value).
Thank you, cordially

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 19 Feb 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 19 Feb 2020
Use scatter3() to create the 3D scatter plot and scale the colors based on a vector of mean values.
% Create 100x3 matrix of [x,y,z] coordinates
xyz = randi(1000,100,3);
% Create 100x1 vector of means
mu = rand(100,1).*5;
% Create 3D scatter plot, colorcode the values based on mu values
scatter3(xyz(:,1),xyz(:,2),xyz(:,3), 40, mu, 'filled')
% equate aspect ratio (if needed)
axis equal
% Add colorbar if desired
cb = colorbar();
title(cb, 'Means')

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Mil Shastri
Mil Shastri on 19 Feb 2020
At 19:04, Adam defines the color of the points. He also shows how you can have MATLAB automatically generate code for the customizations.

Sky Sartorius
Sky Sartorius on 19 Feb 2020
Use a scatter plot and CData:
n = 100;
xData = 1:n; % Placeholder - I assume you have additional information about the data to locate it in 3D space.
meanData = rand(n,1);
stdData = randn(n,1).^2;
h = colorbar;
h.Label.String = 'Standard deviation'


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