Finding a set of minimum, maximum and middle points with x and y axis

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I have a data I need to find some of the min,max and middle points of the data that contain both x and y axis. If anybody knows please help me.
Thanks in advance.

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Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 23 Feb 2020
You can use the min, max and mean function for the same. Refer to the linked documentation for a detailed understanding
Hope this helps!
Sai Bhargav Avula
Sai Bhargav Avula on 24 Feb 2020
To best of my knowledge there is no direct way to find the 4 middle points. One possible work around is to find the mean and find the K nearest neighbours around that point
Refer the below link to understand how to use KNN for your case
Hope this helps!

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