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MoHa on 9 Mar 2020
Hello! I have a endless while loop, that generates every 20 min a number. I'm trying to figure out how to plot the data with the dates on the x axis and numbers on the Y.
how can i plot the date and time on x axes?
I'm pretty new to Matlab, would really appreciate any help!

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Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 9 Mar 2020
There are mainly 2 possibilities
  1. You can use datetick() to format your x axis ticks to date or time values
  2. You can define your x-values as datetime() and the plot command automatically formats your x-axis with dateticks
For a mwe, we can assume that we start "now" and are collecting data for 12 hours resutling in a time vector t
t = datetime('now'):minutes(20):datetime('now')+hours(12);
y = rand(size(t));
plot(t, y)
You can also append t with the current time
t = []; % initialization
% ...
% ...
% ...
% every iteration / callback
t(end+1) = datetime('now');
As you are new to matlab, i would also recommend not to use a "endless while loop, that generates every 20 min a number". Have a look at the timer class. With the timer class you can define an instance of the timer which calls a function (schedules) every 20 minutes "in the background". Please let me know if you need help with that.
Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 9 Mar 2020
You can set the timer interval via the period property of the timer class. See line 9 in my first code snippet.
First, write a function and put everything inside the function which should be evaluated with the specified rate. This is going to be your timerFcn. Please note that a timer fcn (and other callbacks) must have an input argument for the source and event. You can add additional arguments and pass values to those callbacks like i did with the myCloseRequestFcn().
If you want to store data, you can use the UserData of the timer class as I did with the x data, y data and so on.
Then you just have to adapt the definition of the timer instance from my first code snippet.
If you can post a mwe of your problem, than I can try my best to support you with the timer function.

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