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How to import axesm into app designer?

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I am developing a GUI using app designer. This contains multiple UIAxeses.
One of these UIAxeses is going to show site location in map using meshm and plotm functions. How can I convert an existing UIAxes to a map axes? or how can I import a map axes into the app designer?
unfortunately the axesm and worldmap functions open a new figure including a map axes which is not sutible for a standalone application. I have spent a large time for searching with no specific solution :(((

Accepted Answer

abblah abblah
abblah abblah on 5 Apr 2020
To import a map axes, it is only sufficient to change the parent of a map axes as follows:
% ... MapAxes is created in a new figure
% Change the Parent of the map axes
TempParent = MapAxes.Parent;
MapAxes.Parent = UIAxes.Parent;
% fit the size
MapAxes.Units = 'pixel';
MapAxes.Position = UIAxes.Position;
% delete the initial temperory UIAxes
% delete the temperory map figure
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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 5 Apr 2020
Note some potential problems with this answer:
When you delete app.UIAxes at the end, that handle will be empty and you will not have access to the new axes handle unless you store is as a property of the app. I also recommend changing the units and position properties before changing the parent property. Another improvement would be to create the external figure with visibility off.

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 17 Mar 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 19 Mar 2020
"...or how can I import a map axes into the app designer?"
You can copy the content of a map axis to a UI Axis. Here's a demo.
% Create map in external figure
korea = load('korea.mat');
Z =;
R = georasterref('RasterSize', size(Z), ...
'Latlim', [30 45], 'Lonlim', [115 135]);
worldmap(Z, R)
meshm(Z, R)
ax = gca();
% Create UIAxes and copy content
uif = uifigure();
uiax = uiaxes(uif);
copyobj(ax.Children, uiax)
uiax.Visible ='off';
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 5 Apr 2020
"This is not correct, ... you have not imported the map axes, you have only copied the map axes's children."
@abblah abblah, that's exactly what the description indicates at the top of my answer. In this answer, the app's axes are used to host the map content instead of replacing the axes.

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