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Run applicaton by using MATLAB Runtime Error:clas​s:InvalidS​uperClass

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haohao Zhang
haohao Zhang on 26 Mar 2020
I need your help about MATLAB Runtime Error.
Error information is as below:
The variable 'DataSourceInformation' failed to load, and has been replaced with an empty array. This might have happened if its class does not exist on the path.
Error using controllerVFH
The specified superclass 'nav.algs.internal.VectorFieldHistogramBase' contains a parse error, cannot be found on MATLAB's search path, or is shadowed by another file with the same name.
Error in TwoWheel_DiffDrivePathFollowing_RevC (line 74)
My environment:
  • OS: Linux Ubuntu 18.04
  • MATLAB: 2019b
  • MATLAB Runtime: V97
  • Program worked OK under MATLAB
  • Application compiled OK by using Application Compilier.
  • But, once to run the compilied app, Error happened.
  • the program around Line74 is as bellow:
% Vector Field Histogram (VFH) for obstacle avoidance
vfh = controllerVFH;
vfh.DistanceLimits = [0.05 3];
vfh.NumAngularSectors = 36;
vfh.HistogramThresholds = [5 10];
vfh.RobotRadius = L;
vfh.SafetyDistance = L;
vfh.MinTurningRadius = 0.25;
Thanks and wait for your reply.

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