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Reinforcement Learning Toolbox train two agent

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I want to train a DDPG model like this architecture.
I train this model with 500 episodes and 1 episodes have 1000 step.
But when I run the m-file.
The result is train 'RL Agent_1' 500 episodes then train 'RL Agent_2' 500 episodes.
This result will let the parameters 'x1' in the environment cannot return to 'Subsystem_1'.
How to fix this problem?

Accepted Answer

Ari Biswas
Ari Biswas on 17 Apr 2020
Training or simulating a Simulink model with multiple RL Agent blocks is not supported at the moment. However it will soon be supported in the upcoming releases. Feel free to reply back with further information on what problem you are trying to solve.

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