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How do I install on Ubuntu?

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John Griffin
John Griffin on 17 Apr 2020
Commented: Floriana Vasile on 3 Nov 2020
I am a novice Ubuntu user, I know how to use Terminal. I am trying to install MATLAB 2020a on my Ubuntu machine, I have downloaded the Linux Installer which is a zip folder. What do I do from here? Thanks!


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Karim Ghezali
Karim Ghezali on 9 May 2020
How to install MATLAB R2020a on ubuntu
  • Download the Matlab installer file
  • Unzip the installer file using this command:
unzip -X -K -d matlab_2020a_installer
  • Open the matalab_2020a_installer folder and open a terminal
  • use your terminal as root using the following command :
sudo su
  • type your password then :
sudo ./install
Now the MATLAB Installer is on, sign in, follow the steps and choose the product that you need
Nb :
Be sure to run the installer as root that will allow matlab to write in /usr/local/MATLAB/R2020a folder
Using only the sudo command can cause this error message :
$ sudo ./install
No protocol specified
terminate called after throwing an instance of '(anonymous namespace)::DisplayError'
what(): No display available.


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Carlos Reiakvam
Carlos Reiakvam on 13 Oct 2020
sudo apt install matlab-support
This helped me alot after my installation
Karim Ghezali
Karim Ghezali on 13 Oct 2020
To run Matlab you will not found it on your desktop
Open your terminal :
  • Go to this folder using :
cd /usr/local/MATLAB/R2020a/bin
  • Then open matlab :
Floriana Vasile
Floriana Vasile on 3 Nov 2020
if you go on the Ubuntu Software center you will find Matlab. It doesn't install Matlab, but once installed you will finally have your icon to click (there will be few steps to ''configure'' it).
If it doesn't work open the terminal with ctrl + shift + t and then just write matlab. It is very useful, since if matlab doesn't respond you can also just close the terminal to close it!

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William Rolen
William Rolen on 26 Oct 2020
You dont actually have to install it to root. You can just install to your home directory. I would actually prefer this way, particularly if you work on a cluster.


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