How to extend the Mathworks example "Modulation Classification with Deep Learning" to OFDM modulation?

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I have found the Matlab Artificial Intelligence based classification of radio signals example "Modulation Classification with Deep Learning" to be very fascinating. Lacking a proper lab facility, I would like to try the AI classification example code on easily available radio transmissions like WiFi. Unfortunately I do not have the skills in signal processing and related matematics to add OFDM modulation to the set of modulations in the example. (After googling and reading about OFDM coding, I believe the process of making the output signal of the OFDM modulation to have unit power, in order to be congruent with the other modulations for CNN learning, is not as straight forward as for the other digital modulation types in the example.)
If someone cunning could show how to add a snippet of code for OFDM modulation to the example I believe this would enhance the usefulness of the example significantly.
Thank You for your time!

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