Warning: Escaped character '\U' is not valid. See 'doc sprintf' for supported special characters

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M P on 29 Apr 2020
Commented: hsmistry on 28 Sep 2020
Hello to all.
This warning appears each time I try to run the script (PS5000A_IC_Generic_Driver_Streaming used for PicoScope 5444D), although I did not write this string anywhere. All path specifications are "C:/Dir1/Dir2/... etc. I run it on Win10. Could someone explain this mystery, please?
hsmistry on 28 Sep 2020
Hi M P,
If I remember correctly, this could be linked to one of the following reasons:
  1. An incorrect prototype file (ps5000aMFile or ps5000aWrapMFile) is being picked up (depending on the version of the Instrument Driver support package in use).
  2. If the PicoScope is in use via another process.
If you still need help, please provide the following information:
  1. Which version of the PicoScope 5000 Series (A API) Instrument Driver Support Package is in use, and where it was obtained from (MATLAB Central File Exchange?). Did you install it from within MATLAB?
  2. The version of PicoSDK installed.
  3. The version of MATLAB in use.
  4. Whether the block mode capture examples work without any issue.
  5. Whether the following commands work:
loadlibrary('ps5000a.dll', @ps5000aMFile_<arch>); % Replace <arch> with the output of computer ('arch')
loadlibrary('ps5000aWrap.dll', @ps5000aWrapMFile_<arch>);

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