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Read .avw files extraced from the Analyze Mayo Clinic software

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Dear all,
I would be grateful for any ideas on the following point. I am interested to read .avw files, which is the new file (image) format for files exported from the Analyze Mayo Clinic software. Previously, this was possible via the analyze75read command in Matlab, but this command can only read .img or .hdr (image) files, which are the previous files that could be exported from Analyze. I don't seem to find anything for .avw (image) files.
Any recommendations would be much appreciated it.

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Joe S
Joe S on 8 Jun 2021
Edited: Joe S on 8 Jun 2021
I haven't been able to sit down and write code for this, but believe the first 4096 bytes of the AVW files are the header. Here's where I'd go with this.
avwName = 'filename.awv';
fid = fopen(avwName,'r');
avwHdr = fread(fid,'*char'); %character array
avwHdr = avwHdr'; % make a bit prettier
avwHdrCell = strsplit(avwHdr,'\n'); %make cell array of parameters
From here you can extract out width, height, slices, bitdepth for reading in the binary data at the end of the header portion. This might get you started, if I take the time to write something out more complete, I'll post it in the community.

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