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Questions:Using Matlab Script.
1) How to change the values in Transfer Function(Numerator and Denominator Coefficient)?
2) How to connect Negative Feedback?
3) How to Increase Ports in scope so I can connect also my input Signal?
4) How to Tune the PID Controller?

Accepted Answer

Sai Sri Pathuri
Sai Sri Pathuri on 7 May 2020
Edited: Sai Sri Pathuri on 7 May 2020
You may try the following
1. Let the required transfer function be (1+s)/(1+2s^2). You may define this as
set_param('testmodel/Transfer Fcn','Numerator','[1 1]','Denominator','[2 0 1]')
2. Adding negative feedback
add_line('testmodel','Transfer Fcn/1','Sum/2','autorouting','smart')
3. Increase ports of scope
4. To tune PID contoller, you may use pidtune function

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