Creating a Datastore from either two Datastores, or a number of files populated in different folders.

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Hello, I'm working with some large data sets, and have been using tall arrays and datastores. Now I have two datastores created from two folders say dsL and dsR. The arrays are NxM. Now I need to create say dsLR which is both datastores combined (horizontally). Which will be converted into a tall array. Now I obviously have access to the files separately in their folders, and to the two datastores, but I'm struggling to combine the two.

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Srivardhan Gadila
Srivardhan Gadila on 30 May 2020
As per my understanding I'm listing the two ways of comibing the datastores dsL & dsR:
%First one
imdsCombined = combine(imdsdsL,imdsdsR);
The above will results in combined datastore but the read output would be a 1x2 cell array with 1st cell element being the output of read(imdsdsL) and the other one being the output of read(imdsdsL)
%Second one
imdsCombined = datastore({'path to dsL', 'path to dsR'},'Type','tall')
The above will result in creation of datastore with imdsCombined.Files containing the files of both imdsdsL.Files & imdsdsR.Files.

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