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Optic Flow Random Dot Patterns

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S Stron
S Stron on 13 Nov 2012
Answered: sinlin ray on 17 Sep 2014
Hello everyone,
I have managed to code stimuli using psychtoolbox that displays a motion coherence paradigm for translational moving dots. However, I would also like to code radial and rotation patterns but I don't know the maths for this!
I was wondering if anyone could help me to adjust my code to make the dots move inward/outward and clockwise/anticlockwise.
At the moment, my dots move position by using this code:
dx = speed*sin(direction*pi)/frameRate;
dy = -speed*cos(direction*pi)/frameRate;
And (in case it's helpful) they remain in an aperture using this code:
x(x<lefBorder) = x(x<lefBorder) + apSize(1);
x(x>rigBorder) = x(x>rigBorder) - apSize(1);
y(y<botBorder) = y(y<botBorder) + apSize(2);
y(y>topborder) = y(y>topBorder) - apSize(2);
I hope one of you clever people will be able to help me out! Thank you, Sam

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sinlin ray
sinlin ray on 17 Sep 2014
Maybe i can help you. you should send your code to me. i am a neuroscience phd student. My email :

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