There is no such file as mdce but I have 'glnxa64/mdced'

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I'm trying to setup Distributed Computing Server (DCS) on my inux machine running MATLAB R2001a. First of all, I'm not sure whether I have DCS installed. How do I check this? I see "Parallel Computing Toolbox" when I issue the "ver" command but I don't see anything with "Distributed Computing *".
I looked at the DCS installation manual and it tells me to run "admincenter" for configuration. "admincenter" is there under "$matlabhome/toolbox/distcomp/bin", however I do not have the "mcde" file which is required to run the DCS daemon. There is "$matlabhome/toolbox/distcompbin/glnxa64/mdced" which looks like a daemon file but when I execute it, it asks for a configuration file which I'm clueless about.
In short, how do I check whether I have DCS installed and if it is installed, why don't I have the "mdce" file? How can I fix these problems?

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Thomas Ibbotson
Thomas Ibbotson on 19 Nov 2012
This looks like there might be a problem with your installation, you should have the 'mdce' file in your $matlabhome/toolbox/distcomp/bin folder. Please contact technical support for help with installation issues.

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